Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A necklace and bracelet made from the same Blue Moon Beads pendant with a how-to video

After producing a million episodes of how-to TV shows I am now on the other side. Yup that's me in those Craftside videos and now you can see my hands and hear my voice in these cool new how-to videos with Blue Moon Beads! Check them all out there are project ones and technique ones.

I love their stuff! I design with it all the time. In the video you can see a cool necklace with the giant round Manor House rhinestone pendant. And here is another photo of the bracelet I did using the same components. They really are flexible.

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1 comment:

Jean Bowler said...

Yay, Stefanie! I hope you will be doing many more of these beading how-to videos.

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