Thursday, January 28, 2010

Craft Super Show and CHA WInter 2010 pictures

OK I am coming up for air and I have some super fun Craft Super Show and CHA pictures to share with you!
First off, as stated in my previous post The Queen of crafts-Carol Duvall was in the Judikins booth at the Super Show and we had a bonus guest Mary O'Neil of Hot Potatoes, ah to be in the company of such great crafters!
OK, now for some real wackiness. Sarah Moore, The Editor in Chief of had Carol Duvall autograph her arm and was seriously considering having it perminantly made into a tattoo, so I just had to share mine with her from one serious crafter to another.
Now on to CHA. I always love seeing Margot Potter. She is so fun and has great energy. Also in the F +W booth was Katie Hacker. She has designed the most amazing line of jewelry components called Katiedids with Beadalion. You will positively love to design with these!
And the Pièce de résistance I got to meet and have a photo taken with Brini Maxwell! There will be more to come but that's what I have for you right now!


Craft Accident said...

shut up! I am in the same post as Carol, Margot and Brini?!?

I am not worthy!

Girl... it was amazing meeting you. Consider yourself on the "people I am taking over the world with" list!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Ho exciting. You're making me so jealous ;-)

Cyndi L said...

Oh, you got to meet up with Margot! Now I'm even more jealous of you :-)


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