Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recycled bottle lid into a broken heart charm inspired by the book Fantastic Recycled Plastic

We're trippin' the plastic fantastic today in the Plaidbunny test kitchen with some inspiration from the (as the title states) fantastic Fantastic Recycled Plastic:30Clever Creations to Spark Your Imagination.

That's right the little blue broken heart charm is made from the plastic bottle lid you see below:
All I did was warm up the plastic lid with a heat tool and start cuttin'! Then to make the "broken" zig zag line I put a grinding tip on ye old Dremel and etched the line on the back side of the heart. I switched out the grinding tip to a drill bit and made a hole. Oh and I did run the heart back under the heat tool to soften the cut lines smooth.
Off to the stash of recycled bits and some new findings from Blue Moon Beads and I give you my Blue, Blue Broken Heart Necklace.

If you are like me and love making things out of all the pretty colored plastic containers ( I had specifically saved that lid for the great clear blue-ness of it) you will be way-inspired (I sure was) by all the great projects and techniques in:

Fantastic Recycled Plastic:30Clever Creations to Spark Your Imagination
David Edgar and Robin A. Edgar

More about the book from Lark Books:

"Plastic is fantastic to craft with—and these imaginative, whimsical creations are out of the ordinary! From colorful canine silhouette pins and magnets and a holiday snowflake decoration to marvelous masks, they turn recycling into art.

Organized by level of difficulty, the items range from simple creations even a schoolchild can do to a fanciful, rolling biplane and a slithering, jointed serpent stuffed with lids and caps. All the necessary techniques—cutting, shaping, fastening, heat-forming, making tabs—unfold in step-by-step photos, along with clear, comprehensive instructions. Sidebars provide extra information on plastics, recycling, and more. Plus there’s a gallery of innovative international work by professional artists to inspire you.

What a great way to get creative…while saving the earth, too!

A former arts administrator and associate professor of art, DAVID EDGAR worked as a production artist on the EPCOT Center and Tokyo Disneyland projects for the Walt Disney World Company. David’s artwork is represented internationally in corporate, institutional, and private collections. Find out more about David at

ROBIN A. EDGAR writes profiles, art reviews, and features for national, regional, and local publications. She travels throughout the United States as a keynote speaker and workshops facilitator, teaching reminiscence writing techniques based on her two books, In My Mother’s Kitchen: An Introduction to the Healing Power of Reminiscence and Personal Legacies: Surviving the Great Depression. Find out more about Robin at"


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

The necklace is so tactile, I just want to reach out and play with the dangles.

The heart is really cool!

Suella said...

Oh my, oh my. Another material to learn about for play time. I'd be cautious about noxious fumes however. Does Stephanie work outside? Or wear a mask?

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