Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recycled Sweater wire bound Journal inspired by the book Creative Bloom

OK, I'm giggling. I am so inspired by the new book Creative Bloom: Projects and Inspiration with Fabric and Wire I can't stand it. It combines something hard and rigid-wire- with something soft and flexible-fabric- in such cute and endearing ways. So many of the projects and designs in this book were so unexpected. I, of course, had to try something right away!
I gave the flattened wire coil binding a shot. I combined it with my signature recycled wool felted sweater and some big embroidery floss for the stitching. I love the look of the scale of the loops with the thickness of the sweater.
It was pretty easy, although flattening the loops was a bit of a "mind-bender" yeah, pun intended there. If you haven't tried this particular combo of materials, wire and fabric, I bet you will love it like I did. I most assuredly will be trying more techniques as I have yet to really get fabric in my jewelry much and there are some great ideas in Creative Bloom: Projects and Inspiration with Fabric and Wire for just such a need.

More about the book from the Publisher-North Light Books-

"Creative Bloom: Projects and Inspiration with Fabric and Wire
Jennifer Swift

Cultivate Your Inner Artist!

Prepare your own garden of self-expression with the creative fabric and wire projects inside Creative Bloom. The seeds of inspiration will be planted as you learn how to make a butterfly-adorned lamp, a sweet bird sculpture, an inspired canvas bag and a sparkling cloud cuff. Each project features innovative techniques that you can use again in your personal artwork.

Creative Bloom features:

· 21 pretty projects for your art studio, home and wardrobe

· Vignettes and advice on gathering the right tools, forcing creative growth, finding inspiration in the seasons and staying motivated

· Step-by-step techniques that show you how sculpt wire, stitch fabric to wire, make fabric pages and more!

Grab some wire and rummage through your fabric stash. It’s time to unearth your creative potential!

About the Author

Jennifer's work has recently been published in Somerset Home and Sew Somerset. She is involved in local craft shows and has an active Etsy shop. She is currently a member of the Fab 5 design team for Singleton Studios, for which she will be creating projects using their lines, as well as developing lines of her own."


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Felted yarn and wire to make a book - who ever would have thought? Very clever and unique. You did a good job with the inspiration, Stef.

Cindy said...

Stef, I'm really looking for a tutorial or directions on how to make a big flower brooch or pin from a sweater. Can you help?

Hugs XX

Jen said...

You SO just made my day!!! I love what you made- so fun to see someone take something from the book and run with it like this! I'll keep an eye out for the jewelry. ;)

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