Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to crochet an Easter Egg

Got some scraps of yarn lurking around and in the mood to whip up a few Easter Eggs for decoration? They are super easy and quick! I was inspired to crochet these eggs after reading the new book Little Crochet: Modern Designs for Babies and Toddlers. I don't have babies or toddlers but I do have Aminekos and they just loved their eggs. If you like Roy's Easter Bunny ears and want to make a pair hop on over the Crocheted Easter Bunny Ears Pattern at Craftside.

This was the page that really inspired me. I loved the concentric circles in pretty colors on this blanket from Little Crochet and they reminded me of the stripes on Easter eggs and I thought how easy it would be to make some.
Here is the rough pattern on how to crochet Easter Eggs as it is quite flexible:

Yarn scraps
Hook to match yarn size.
yarn needle

I pretty much used worsted weight yarn but some of my yarns were smaller so I double stranded.

Chain 3
7-8 single crochets into the first chain stitch
join with slip stitch
Single crochet around increasing about every other stitch until you get to about 15-17 stitches
At this point I started to change colors and make stripes.

Sometimes I did one round and then switched colors other times two rounds. If I planned to use the color again I left the yarn on and just picked it back up when I wanted to use it again. This saved a bit of end knotting etc.

After I did about 6 rows of stripes with no increases I started to decrease about every 3rd or 4th stitch to make the pointier end of the egg.

I should also note after the row of my last color change I trimmed the ends and knotted while the opening was wide.

After a few rounds with decreases I added 3 marbles and some stuffing.

Then when there was only about 3-4 stitches left I cut the yarn and stitched the egg closed.

Pretty easy, hu? Well, if you like crocheting little cute things you will love this book filled with these types of projects!
Little Crochet
Modern Designs for Babies and Toddlers

Linda Permann

More about the book from Potter Craft:

Linda Permann, author of Crochet Adorned, brings modern colors and fun-to-work stitch patterns to the pint-sized crowd with this cute collection of over 24 clever crochet patterns for kids.

The adorable designs in Little Crochet are worked in a range of washable fibers and vibrant hues that babies and toddlers are sure to love. Make tiny sweaters, dresses, pants, and accessories while exploring a range of construction techniques, including top-down cardigans, side-to-side sweater vests, motif-based yokes, and traditional seaming. Beautiful blankets, sweaters, soft toys, bibs, booties, and hats employ simple stitches that are sure to steal the show at baby showers. Whether you have a couple of hours or a couple of weeks till the baby's due date—you'll find the perfect project in this book.

And here's the best part: Little Crochet includes size ranging from 0–4+ years, so you can keep crocheting as the little ones in your life grow. Plus, Linda has included lots of wearable patterns for both boys and girls, with swatches showing alternate colorways sprinkled throughout. Each pattern is designed to spark your own creativity, complete with how-to instructions for adding your own crafty touches like sewing, embroidery, and appliqué. Work confidently from Linda's easy-to-follow instructions, clear stitch diagrams ,and schematics, and her illustrated guide to basic and advanced stitches and finishing techniques.

Whether you’re new to crochet or experienced with a hook, you'll find these little designs a joy to stitch and share.

LINDA PERMANN is the author of Crochet Adorned and has published over 50 crochet designs in magazines including Crochet Today, Interweave Crochet, CRAFT, Knit Simple, and Living Crafts. She designs and teaches crochet in San Antonio, Texas. When she's not crocheting, she also enjoys sewing, knitting, gardening and playing with her adorable nephew. Read more about her crafty adventures at www.lindamade.com.


Cyndi L said...

So easy, those eggs! Thanks so much...I need to make a basket full of them :-)

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

The bunny ears decorated eggs are adorable, Stef. Your crocheted fried egg showed up in one of the LinkedIn thumbnails. Love that one too!

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