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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to transform a plain tank top for 4th of July with Simply Spray fabric paint

This could not be any easier!
I rarely wear white because I am always making something and some part of it inevitably gets on me. So when I have a white garment I see it as a canvas and what goes better on a canvas then paint!

Like last week's post I am in full on 4th of July decorating mode so I thought I'd try painting a tie die style flag on this tank top with a bit of red and blue Simply Spray fabric paint. I just free formed it! I love how the wrinkles add to the tie die effect.


Autumn Hathaway said...

Very clever!

Katie B. of said...

It reminds me of a vintage flag. Love it! I so rarely wear white because I get messes on it, too. And as someone who's not terribly good at crafts, this is a great project because it's so easy. Pinning it, and thanks!

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