Monday, October 26, 2015

Giant eyeball Halloween decoration

Today's Halloween decoration was a total surprise project. I was out for my morning walk and one of my neighbors had put this lamp out by the side of the road in the "free zone" and I instantly saw its possibility to be turned into a giant eyeball with just a bit of paint and a circle of black cardboard.
Giant eyeball halloween decoration paper lampshade, stefanie Girard
That's really all there is to this. I freehanded a blue circle of paint and the red bloodshot lines. I used a plate as a template to cut the circle. The kids are loving it as they walk to school :)

This is the latest in my recycled eyeball series. I have made eyeballs from yoga balls, bowling balls, ping pong balls, paper weights, and have needle felted and crocheted them. I see a happy Halloween in your future!

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