Monday, February 18, 2008

10 Things No one else has probably done

10 things probably no one else has done.

JAG posted her 10 things probably no one else had done, so then Dave did. Here is my list.

Like Dave, I worked in the Art Department on kids (and adult TV and film) so a lot of what I do that no one else has done has been....for work! And been paid to actually do it.

1. Glued Fruit Loops together in bowls for 4 days straight. One of my very first jobs was at a company that produced stop-motion animation. This was before a lot of CGI. The Fruit loops moved 32 times in a second to form the letters "A" , "B" and "C" as in the vitamins that were in the cereal.

2. Hauled a car full of lava rocks (the kind you use in a barbecue and large ones rented from a rental house) to the desert in Palm Springs in the middle of the summer where the wind turbines are and set them on fire with the pyro guys from the movie "Volcano" for a car commercial.

110 degree weather + gusting wind + fire + dumping big rocks = best time ever (NOT)

3. Made torches, wall sconces and spaceship stick shifts out of those accordion plungers from the Home Depot.

4. Showed people how to glue pom poms together into fun little monsters for 4 days straight.

And on this topic I will add an additional thing that I don't believe anyone else has done since it happened at the same event-CHA- The Craft and Hobby Association convention.

Walked around with a button on my butt that said, " I sat my tush on a Komfycush!"

I really felt that that was where it was meant to be. In addition to the button on my butt, there was green "Cindy Hoo Hair to sport" And most importantly silly photos with giant knitting needles to be taken.
Now I was not the only one to sport the Cindy Hoo Hair, there were hundreds of people walking around CHA with the bold hair look. Here is Maria.

This was my favorite Dude:

It's a fine man to sport Cindy Hoo hair with his girl!
All of this was a promotion for a great line of products from Stone Creak Creations. One is totes to store your crafting supplies and the other is the Komfycush. It is padding for a chair that sports pockets on the sides for more storage. We crafters can sit for a loooooong time and boy can our tushes use the soft padding!

OK, back to the list.

5. Did fittings of big fancy bellydance costumes with a bucket of "Grip clips" for 14 girls in a dance rehearsal space bathroom in 2 hours.
This photo was taken when the troupe, plus a whole bunch more of her amazing students, performed at a half time show at the Staples Center at an arena football game. I sewed the skirts and long gloves too, but that was another project. Leela can really put on a wild show. Pop on over to LeelaBellyDance to check out more of her fabulousness and her upcoming shows and classes.

6. Snuck into the Vermeer exhibit at The National Gallery of Art with my mom, just like in the old days of sneaking back stage into clubs when we were under age. The museum had been closed due to the government shutdown on the day we actually had our tickets due to the Budget standoff between President Clinton and the House of Representatives in the era when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House.

7. Drove back and forth across the country taking pictures of a vintage Barbie everywhere.

8. Hold Easter Egg hunts but instead of eggs I hide little airline bottles of alcohol.

9. Received Fedexed comfort food from my mom when I was on my deathbed.

10. Buy jewelry in bulk. I'm talking major pounds of the stuff. All tangled thrown in a box or all individual in zip lock bags. It's like mini dumpster diving. Speaking of that, I do like to go to dumps and take stuff, not leave stuff.
The Glastonbury, CT dump is so nice and sorted out that you actually have to pay a dollar (I think it was) to get in. I went there with my Aunt Nan and we scored vintage canning jars and old rake that she planned to make into a wall hanger for coats and such. I now go to the Burbank recycling center and have scored some cool mother boards and some other neat little items.

So that's my list.

Let me know if you make one!


Anonymous said...

1.Received a live white bunny rabbit as a bribe to hire an ad agency.
2.Gave a tour of a telemarketing call center to Frank Wells, the late Chief Executive of the Walt Disney Company.
3.Used a compact mirror to look behind me to see which apartment former Attorney General Janet Reno lived in, we lived on the same floor of an apartment building in Washington, DC.
4.Ran down from my apartment building to the Mall in DC to watch the 4th of July fireworks, 5 minutes before the show started.
5.Ice skated on a pond on the Washington DC Mall (it rarely and I mean rarely gets cold enough in DC for a pond to freeze naturally).
6.Was a guest on the TODAY show to present the Grandparent of the Year Award.
7.Began sewing doll clothes for my own dolls, sewed them for my sister's Mary Hartline doll and her baby doll, sewed them for my vintage Toni doll and gave that to my daughter, sewed American Girl doll clothes for my granddaughter. May yet sew Barbie clothes for my daughter (now an adult).
8.Survived a bi-coastal marriage and beyond.
9.Acted as a contractor's helper and poured a concrete foundation for a 2 1/2 car garage. We left our names and the date in the concrete.
10. Learned to drive a standard transmission car during the gas crisis of 1973-74 on an English Ford Cortina.

celtic girl said...

U ✄ me up....too funny ☠

Dave said...

Great list. The things ya gotta do sometimes to make a buck sometimes is insane.

JAG said...

"8. Hold Easter Egg hunts but instead of eggs I hide little airline bottles of alcohol."

You are a GENIUS!!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Next time I visit L.A. I hope it's Easter.

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