Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh so neglectful, let me list the excuses

1. Sick
2. Preping for CHA
3. Learning how to blog over on

4. Making Pom poms, oh well I guess I'm always doing that so I guess that doesn't count????
This is me with a whole wall of Pom Pom designs from CHA 2006 in Vegas- just another flashback for you. The designs were for this book from Plaid (Isn't is great I work with Plaid????)

But just so you don't feel like there isn't crafting going on, click the Craftside link above to see some Swarovski magic that I'll be doing at CHA.

And just 'cause I can't leave you with no silly flashback picture, here I am with the King at CHA 2006 in Vegas baby!

So what is Anaheim's slogan- What happens in Anaheim happens with a mouse?
I'll keep you posted....

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