Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Depresion era Grandfather and how he upcycle crafted

I get my crafty side from this grandfather, Abel Girard. He passed it down to my Dad and then my Dad passed it on to me. So in honor of Father's Day I thought I'd share a bit of my grandfather's craftiness.
Now this may look like an ordinary emery board or nail file, but no!
Pepe (the French word for grandfather) made these out of sandpaper and old popsicle sticks!
I have a few of them and I use them and think fondly of him as I do.
I don't have any but he also would cut old bicycle inner tubes and cut them into rubber bands!


Tammy said...

I also have a lot of DIY family history. That is so cool that you managed to get the DIY DNA from so many generations.

theresa martin said...

Wonderful! The depression era gene is a great one to inherit! I love the home made emery board.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

OMG I think I lived in that house! Very cute about the rubber bands. My grandma used to cover bottle caps with fabric from the hems of pants to make buttons! They would be very upset if they were to see all the waste that happens these days!

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