Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kewpie Dolls and recycled trim label/push pin gifts

My Kewpie doll has been purchased for The Impatient Blogger-Madge's Kewpie Doll Challenge!

"You can decorate your Kewpie as you choose then take a good quality photo of your Kewpie (1MB or smaller file please) and email it to me at I will post the entries in a FlickR account online. There your Kewpie creation will be showered with fame and fortune and possible prizes. The entries must be in to my by Monday September 8th. The winners will be announced on Monday September 15th."

And I bring you another Retro Crafting with A Re-purpose:

These are vintage Bias Tape and Rick Rack labels that were wrapped around a small piece of about 1/2 inch thick Styrofoam and then used to hold Thumb tacks that have been embellished with a simple button glued on. They are then pushed into the label wrapped foam and slipped into a little bag and tied with a small scrap of ribbon.

I think these make a charming little gift for a crafter or anyone really who uses a bulletin board!


Anonymous said...

These are really cute! I will have to raid my Mom's sewing stash when she is not looking.

Dave Lowe said...

I'm so entering the contest. Thanks to your pic, I know just were to go p/u a Kewpie Doll.I love Kit Kraft!

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