Friday, July 18, 2008

Chalkboard globe, Post-it size

I was reading one of my favorite crafter's blogs- Pattiwack Craft Blog and saw this post about a chalkboard globe she saw. Way cool!

Just recently I was at the Target (pronounced with a French accent of course!) and they had these little tiny globes in the dollar section and the two elements just smashed into my mind like the old Recess Peanut butter cup commercial, "Your chocolate is in my peanut butter" , "Your peanut butter is in my chocolate"
So here is my "Post-it" size memo globe.

I used green chalkboard paint, oh so "green" of me eh?
And my little rig for spray painting the globe was three tooth picks forming a bit of a cone poked into a cork board (covered of course with the Michael's and Husqvarna viking ads)


cathie filian said...


Cross Stitch Fan said...

How Clever! I would have never though of such a cute idea!


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