Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pom Pom Ottoman in The Jo-Ann's Ad

I did a book for Plaid awhile back where all the projects are made with their Knit Wit tool and doodle loom tool. Recently they asked me to make another one for Jo-Ann's with their yarn. And lo-and-behold- whoop, there it is, in the Jo-Ann's sale flyer!!! (top right corner)

This ottoman is made from tons of hand made pom poms on their largest tool and an Ikea inflatable cube (about $8ish)
So just in case you happen to have a big a** manicure-not to worry making pom poms is a total snap with the big nails!
Here the ottoman is "in progress" is anyone else having a "tribble flashback?"


Tammy said...

That looks like a fun project, and I can see that in a young girl's room. You can never have too many pink pom poms!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!!

Sue McGettigan said...

Ha ha, love the tribbles :)

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