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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back to School supplies and Jewelry Surgery

These were my "back to school" goodies my mom sent me. I am not officially going to school but I am on a mission to "bring Latin back" hence the Latin books.

I also collect 10 commandment charm bracelets (front lower center)

But, isn't there always a "but" with me?

Lately my life doesn't allow much time for wearing charm bracelets, I'm just always doing something , even if it's just sitting here typing at the computer writing this blog or the Craftside blog.

Turn it into a necklace!
I am very much into asymmetrical jewelry at the moment so I worked with a lot of different elements that were different sizes and proportions.

I also want to point out the Eames stamps which one of my favorite bloggers Regarding Design wrote about as well. Love them!

Donum Dei (God's Gift)
In this case:
Donum ex Matris (Gift from Mom)


Cathie Filian said...

Love it!


Anonymous said...

That is stunning! What a great use of the charms. If you get tired of it, you can send it to me... LOL!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Your mom is totally cool.

Anonymous said...

you collect ten commandment charm bracelets? this might sound wierd but I have a whole bunch of these vintage cheap chic sort of ten commandment scroll sets, I'm not even sure if there are all ten in each set to be honest. I never thought of making a charm bracelet with them, which is a neat idea. my question is this? do you want the rest? I hate to waste them and other then trying to incorporate them into a bracelet, they are just sitting there for years!
I don't want to creep you out as i am a new user, do you have a professional snail addy or something? i can just slip them into an envelope..

by the way is there anyway to subscribe to your blog to be notified of posts and post titles?
thanks and if you don't have time to answer no biggie okay! cheers

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