Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yarn scrap bead from the cool new book: Strands

If you like fabric or fiber or anything in between, around, under, over or even near them you will love the wildly cool stuff in this book:
Strands: Creating Unexpected Fabrics And Fashionable Projects
Jacqueline Myers-Cho

I love all things fiber and fabric and the never ending ways to cut them up and put them back together. So this book was for me! There are some really new and innovative designs that really are speaking to my avant garde side that I am embracing at the moment!

The first project I had to try was the Thread Ball bead:

I made my thread ball with yarn though, I happen to have a huge stash of yarn scraps, go figure. As you can see the directions and photographs in the book are wonderful and it went like a dream!

I decided I was going to where my yarn ball bead as a single drop so I bent a piece of wire into a small "U" at one end and cut the other end at a severe angle so it would poke through the yarn ball bead as easily as possible. Then I just formed a loop at the top and slipped it on some ball chain.Well there you have how I made some yarn scraps into a bead. Off to find a sweater to try the loopy technique featured on the cover!

Tie one on this weekend! Ya know what I mean?


Karen said...

I like the looks of this book and your fiber bead is great!!!

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