Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Army men are melted into service to make this cute coaster using the wonderful tutorial from the new book Craftcycle by Heidi Boyd

I did not love green plastic army men as a child but I do now! I have used them in jewelry and just kind of like having them around in a big bowl (pictured below) and when I turned the page of Craftcycle and saw the great tutorial Heidi did in her latest book I was all set to give this a try. I am always in need of coasters so I thought that would be my first project.
It went so smoothly melting these plastic soldiers using her directions. I have put post-its on quite a few pages in this book that are now on my to make list (T.M.L.)! Thanks Heidi for writing such a great recycling source book!

Craftcycle: 100+ Earth-Friendly Projects and Ideas for Everyday Living
Heidi Boyd

"Inside Craftcycle, you will find a mix of over 100 ideas for crafts, recipes, sustainable living ideas and construction projects - all organized by season to offer year-round green living. Within each chapter, there are larger projects to build, quick crafts to complete using basic materials or recycled items, seasonally appropriate tips, and recipes using seasonal ingredients. Detailed diagrams accompany the larger-scale projects, while the basic crafts feature step-by-step photographs and illustrations, making them accessible for the entire family.

Heidi Boyd is the author of seven North Light craft books. She brings her simple and pretty approach to green crafting in this book. Her husband Jon Boyd, an architect, is certified in sustainable building practices, and he brings his expertise to this book. He provides the larger-scale simple wood construction projects, all of which are be accompanied by clear diagrams."

To see tons more of Heidi's creativity pop on over to mycraftivity.com.

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Unknown said...

I love your spoons with "spoon" on the handle. I had a silverware set like that several moves ago (about 2000-2001) and got such a kick out of using them.

Shellie said...

Yes I too have a stash of army men waiting to be melted, I had tried to make a bowl once but they refused to melt.

I like your idea of coasters or rather the idea of something flat. I might just have to send my soldiers off the the front line again soon.

mini said...

Its a very nice thought, You have got a kick off service form your personal army.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Well I never thought our men & women in uniform signed on to support us in such a way.

But I have to admit, the coaster makes a great converstion piece. LOL.

Anna M said...

Mixed reaction. Part of me is thinking how cool that is, the other is thinking "oh those poor little plastic army men, sniff."

Tammy said...

I'll have to show that to my hubby. He took some of those army figures and used them as molds for lost wax casting. They turned out really cool!

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