Wednesday, June 2, 2010

JHB Steampunk Button Necklace inspired by the button jewelry in the book Button Ware by Amy Barickman

I have always been a fan of the industrial look so now that Steampunk style stuff is really hot there are lots of great findings readily available. This includes these great JHB Steampunk Style buttons. Not many of my clothes have button closures so I thought I could incorporate these cool buttons into jewelry. Off to a book on the subject for a little inspiration Button Ware by Amy Barickman was filled with great stuff that got my creativity flowing.

I found a cool light blue marbleized big 80's earring and the steampunk button looked really cool in it. To secure it I formed a loop at one end of a piece of wire and linked it to the bottom jump ring. I then ran the wire through the shank of the button and looped it through a second time to secure it in place on the wire. All that was left to do was form another loop at the top and link it onto the top jump ring.

I took the earring post off and slid a chain through the top jump ring as well.

There are lots of cool "donuts" out there and I bet you too could go through your old jewelry and find something this button framing technique would work great with to feature a button you love!

More about Button Ware by Amy Barickman from the publisher:

"Gathered together, in the pages of Button Ware, are some of the trendiest and best-looking projects available to today's crafty, fashion-conscious designers. Amy Barickman, owner of Indygo Junction and The Vintage Workshop, and self-confessed button addict, couldn't resist combining her vintage button collection with the colorful and fashionable buttons offered by world importer JHB International the leader in original and stylish buttons.

In this 80 page colorful collection, filled with 90 gorgeous photos and 33 inspiring projects (with numerous variations), they combined the strengths of their companies to create this colorful collection filled with inspiring projects from leading designers. It will teach beginners simple techniques for turning both new and vintage buttons into fashion statements, some so simple that you won't believe you made it. For those who are more experienced crafters, these ideas will inspire them to new heights of creativity.

With easy-to-follow illustrations and detailed photography, crafters will learn how to expand their accessories at a fraction of the cost of original designer pieces and enjoy creating jewelry, embellishments, and fashionable, wearable designs at the same time


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I love the steampunk button and what you did with it. I have to find me some of those. Where do I look? The notions/button department or a big craft store?

Michelle said...

Great pendant!

make handmade said...

Love it! thanks for sharing,

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