Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to make a pom pom Easter Bunny holding a carrot

Did you know you can sculpt pom poms? Well you can. I think pom poms have to be in my top 10 craft materials to cut up! Today, just in time for Easter, I have a cute pom pom bunny inspired by the ultra adorable book Adventures in Pompom Land: 25 Cute Projects Made from Handmade Pompoms.
 Here is how I made my pom pom bunny:
I gathered up a bunch of pre-made pom poms as I have a huge stash. I know the handmade one's are great but I was in the mood to make a bunny quick!

Also needed was a tiny bit of white felt, a pink marker, scissors and hot glue gun.

You can see the sizes I started with in the photo.
I hot glued the large and medium together then trimmed them to be more of an "egg shape".

I trimmed the other large pom pom down to an egg shape (or bunny head shape) as well then glued it onto the body.

Next the hands, feet and tail were attached.

I cut out the ear shapes, colored them with a bit of pink marker and then glued them into the head pom pom.

To make the pom pom carrot I  trimmed the orange pom pom down...a lot! and then glued a tiny green pom pom on top.

The eyes and nose were glued on and the carrot between the paws.

And if you are like me and like to make things out of pom poms you will love this cute book!

More about the book from Lark Crafts:
  Adventures in Pompom Land: 25 Cute Projects Made from Handmade Pompoms
 Myko Diann Bocek

"Enter the wonderful land of pompoms, where cute critters and creative adventures await you. All the projects in this unique collection begin with handmade, not pre-purchased, pompoms, and every step is beautifully laid out with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of images. Crafters can then create 25 charming creatures—from a sweet little bluebird to a lop-eared bunny—out of wool yarn, roving, and felt. It's fun to do and every project is off-the-charts adorable!"


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