Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tiny crochet carrot Easter decorations

I love to crochet tiny little dimensional projects and that is what Teeny, Tiny Crochet: 35 Adorably Small Projects is all about. So suffice to say I am in heaven!
The first project I had to try was the crochet carrots, after all Rorschach Amineko already has his bunny ears and eggs.
 If you too love making tiny cute crochet things I bet you will love:

Teeny, Tiny Crochet: 35 Adorably Small Projects
 Catherine Hirst

More about the Cico book:

 "All good things come in small packages" is the thinking behind this new crochet book from expert crafts teacher, Catherine Hirst.

 Meet Ekaterina, Elena, and Eva three sisters who live in the highest onion dome of a very old building in St Petersburg, Russia although they are only two inches tall. They are best friends with the three bears Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear who love to snuggle up at night under their beautifully crocheted blankets. And although they don t know it, they share their house with the Catnip Mouse, who measures a teeny, tiny one inch from the tips of his whiskers to the end of his tail. Working with fine yarn and using the smallest of crochet hooks, here is an adorable collection of 35 projects, from miniature amigurumi-style animals to tiny accessories. Crafts teacher Catherine Hirst has created a menagerie of small-scale pets, a whole host of families, and beautiful accessories. There are crocheted cakes which really do look good enough to eat, plus pretty flowers which can be worn as brooches or hair decorations and cute decorations for the Christmas tree. You ll also learn how to crochet miniature beads so you can make your own jewelry. As well as 35 easy-to-follow patterns, there is a comprehensive basic techniques section which will help beginners to master the art of crochet. This book really does prove that all good things come in small packages!"

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Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Those are sooo cute, Stef. The carrots, the ears ... just adorable. Thanks for telling us about the book.

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