Thursday, September 17, 2020

Art by Stefanie L. Girard

This is a collection of art by Stefanie Girard.

"I'll Cut You"

"Try Me"

"Make Me"

"Tactical Tomato"

"Moving Blocks"

"Moving Blocks"

"Moving Blocks"


"Moving Blocks" close up

"Alternative Facts"


"7 Deadly Sins"

"Spark This"

"Silence is Better Than Bullsh*t"

"Write Me"

"Scissors and 2 bunnies"

"Because I said so"

"Cage the Animal"

"...Like a Boss"

Display of eco-art at the Glendale Central Library

"The Writing is on the Wall;45"

"Pill Paintings"

"Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt"

"Not everything is Black and White" Braille Pom poms

"Paper and Bunny"

"They taught you how to write, don't let them take that right away"

"Breathe Up"

"Killing It"


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