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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Call for Art - Art Candy Machine- Sell mini pieces of art in a vending machine

Calling all Artist who like to make mini art! 
And Collectors who like to buy art!

Would you like to sell "Fun Size" art in a vending machine to build your following and draw collectors to your site? 
The Art Candy Machine is currently located at the corner of Oak and Fairview in Burbank, CA. 
In the driveway with over 100 pieces of art on the fence. (Burbank Neighborhood Gallery)

Vending machines are a great way to have your art on view, sell and promote while we are socially distancing now!

To Participate in the Art Candy Machine

Artists will:
-Make 12 pieces of original art. (See size chart for 4 options)
-11 pieces will go in the machine for sale at $5 each
-100% of the sales goes to the artist,,, 'cause hey 5 bucks should go to you!
-1 piece will be selected to be used for marketing, promotions and
be contributed to the Art Candy Machine permanent collection to be featured
in a group show of participating artists at a future date.

Art will be selected and curated on a first come first serve basis and on space availability. (4 sizes available)

Art will be featured in the Art Candy Machine for a period of 1-2 months depending on sales,
waiting list and at the discretion of the curator.

Artists are responsible for drop off art and pick up of unsold art and earnings at the designated location/time.

Answer the questions below and include an image of sample art you would like to submit for
consideration in selling in the Art Candy Machine.
If you would like to come by and test your art and its packaging to see if it fits and falls nicely we can arrange a time.

-Keep in mind that the art (and the packaging of the art) will be in a coil style vending machine.
-It will be dropping onto a soft padded surface.
-It should be wrapped in a clear covering with nothing that might catch on the coil and prevent it from dropping.
-Included with the art should be all your contact/social media info so art collectors can find you
 (to buy more of your art) and tag you on social media! Promotion!!!
-Currently the machine will be outside in the elements mostly in the shade in a well trafficked area.
There is a neighborhood gallery wall on one side (featuring 85 pieces and growing)
and a Little Free Library on the other side of the current location. It is a neighborhood destination.

Must be family friendly art as it is an active residential neighborhood.
(When things open up again the plan is to move it to inside locations in well trafficked places
like libraries, galleries, etc.)

4 Sizes Available

#1-Playing Card Size- 2.25“ wide x 3.5”  (Can be a bit taller)
#2-Post-It size wide 3” to 4.5 “ tall
#3-Note Card size 4” wide x 5.5”
#4-Post Card size 6”  wide x  4.25 “ tall (to 6” tall)
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I know this is a new-ish concept.
Email  the following info to YPinkScissors (at)




Social Media Links:

Art size:


Artist statement / or what you would like to be used in promo info:

Anything else:

1 comment:

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

What an awesome and inventive idea! Too bad I do not live near by, I’m in the midwest. What a great idea to get the artist out there in public view during this crazy time in our lives.

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