Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meme Cookies from The Left Coast Martha

I read a lot of blogs and it seems to be a common thing to photograph food and cooking. So I thought I would document about the only thing I make-my grandmother's sugar cookies.

Now I do need to be clear, even though I don't cook much I have an extensive collection of dishes and accessories.

One of my collections is anodized aluminum. Seen here is a new set of cookie cutters from Mrs. Clause (AKA Mom)

Measuring spoons and in the second photo, the rolling pin.

In the third photo I threw in one of those loop pot holders we all wove on those little looms. I made tons of these as a kid and gave them as gifts. We would role them in a toilet paper tube and wrap with paper so that it looked like a Christmas Cracker.

I think I cook just to use all the pretty things-is that so wrong?


Marnie said...

Mmmm, I love sugar cookies. Wish I could have one. Love all the cooking accessories.

popcornmama said...

Actually, it is your "great grandmother's" recipe. It's been around a lotta years. How does it feel to be a 4th generation baker? When it was originally passed down, it had no precise measurements for any ingredient, it was an oral tradition, and it was up to the first "written recorder" to show tea/coffee cups of various sizes to the 1st baker to attempt to determine "how much" was the "correct much" for the dry ingredients. Long live the tradition of the womanly arts.

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