Sunday, December 2, 2007

Another Finished Project! Striped Scarf-with a good story

Let me preface this story with a disclaimer: Girls solve problems very differently than boys.

OK here's the story:
My friend calls me from her car while she's driving and asks if I could do her a favor? Always wanting to help I say yes. She asks if I can sit in her car while she leaves it running while she goes into AAA to get her tags for registration.

Apparently if she turns the car off after it has been running and then goes to restart it, it runs really rough and sputters. I say sure. Why not. I'll grab some knitting to pass the time and be productive.

As I am sitting and knitting it does occur to me that this is a bit insane but it wasn't like I was given time to rethink the plan. It just happened. So the outcome is a finished scarf!

It is a simple 4 row stripe with two colors of yarn.
The yarn is simply carried up one side.
It is 10 stitches wide on 10.5 needles.
The pink yarn is Moda Dea Outrageous-Pretty In Pink #9730
The green yarn is Moda Dea Metro-Wasabi


Sandra said...

Your story makes me smile. I take people to doctors' offices. Thank God (no blasphemy) for knitting.

Dave Lowe said...

That's not "girl" problem's just plain human. Very funny.

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