Friday, December 7, 2007

Spit and a safety pin

I had a friend in college (art school) that believed all you really needed was spit and a safety pin and you were prepared for any possible situation. We were wacky like that.

I bought this cute B B Dakota Sweatshirt the other day and the tag was held on with this really cool safety pin. I almost bought the sweatshirt just for the safety pin! I love little details.

Remember when your mom would spit on a napkin or tissue to clean your face, always done at the most inopportune moment?


Anonymous said...

my kids hated it when I did that when they were little, so I had them lick my thumb instead of me and they didn't mind that so much!

Craft and Quilt on!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to track down these safety pins! I bought a pair of shorts at anthropologie and the tag was attached with the same pin! any leads/ideas where to buy these in bulk?? thank you! (anika,

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