Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Vintage Crafting

In Friday's Post I showed a photo of my "score" from my spray can lid dealer. Why I needed spray can lids? Explained in this post. So this weekend of crafting, when is it not really? I got to try my hand at whipping up one of these vintage hat pin cushions, in what else? Green!
I used one of my favorite tools, my Fiesta ware as a template. (about a 6 inch diameter) to cut a circle out of a scrap of card board.

I then cut out a circle of sweater (This is Sweater Surgery doncha forget!) at about 12 inches in diameter and sewed a running stitch around the parameter and gathered it over the cardboard circle.I then simply cut a scrap of sweater and wrapped a bit of batting in it and stuffed it into the lid. I hot glued the lid onto the base circle and added a strip of vintage trim around the lid.

Green crafting all the way around festive and ecologically good!

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