Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween kint cuffs embellished with vintage pins inspired by the book- Warm Knits, Cool Gifts

I simply LOVE knit cuffs. If you were around me when we were in production on Knitty Gritty you know this for a fact since I was cranking cuffs out daily, well for that matter all of us were! And so when I turned the page of Warm Knits, Cool Gifts: Celebrate the Love of Knitting and Family with more than 35 Charming Designs and saw this cool argyle cuff watch band I was simply tickled that it was cool enough to get the stash out and wear them. But I was also inspired by Warm Knits, Cool Gifts to kick them up a notch. I wasn't currently in need of a watch band but what I am always doing is looking for ways to incorporate my collection of vintage pins into accessories I will actually wear. I don't seem to ever wear a pin normally. I don't know why that is, but it is.

These two embellished cuffs were what I came up with. Each cuff is knit in stockinette stitch out of a fairly thin yarn that has metallic strands within it. So I get great sparkle to coordinate with the metal pins.

A few tips on popping pins onto knit cuffs:

1. On the cat pin I poked the hardware parts of the pin back through the knitting so that the pin was flush to the knitted surface of the cuff.

2. On the spiderweb cuff I rolled the ends up so that the spider web pin didn't flop around.

Next up on my list to make is a sweater inspired by the one featured on the cover, oh and some of the wonderful mini ornaments that the patterns look so wonderful!

If it sounds like I'm a bit all over, I am. This book combines super cute patterns and projects with amazing style.

More about it from the publisher Potter Craft:
Warm Knits, Cool Gifts: Celebrate the Love of Knitting and Family with more than 35 Charming Designs
Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter

"Warm hearts this winter with handcrafted gifts designed by knitting’s favorite mother-daughter duo.

With shawls to wrap up in, hats to pull over our ears, wool sweaters to keep us warm, and ornaments for the tree, autumn and winter lend themselves to knitting in a way like no other time of the year—and no one knows that better than knitting superstars Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter. In Warm Knits, Cool Gifts, Sally and Caddy share 30 of their most inspired patterns for the seasons that are perfect for gifting.

Filled with patterns from modern designs to heirloom pieces, Warm Knits, Cool Gifts offers gift inspiration for everyone on your list. The luminous photography and clear and thorough instructions make each project an irresistible must-knit, and the options for adding personal touches are endless. As you read delightful stories from Sally and Caddy’s own knitting experience and their expert gifting advice, you’ll feel as if they are knitting right beside you. Plus their signature Fit & Flatter tips and special Techniques callouts break down instructions step-by-step, making you a more informed, thoughtful, and intuitive knitter year-round.

SALLY MELVILLE is a widely published and highly sought after knitwear designer who teaches a dozen different workshops at over 20 venues across North America every year. Her work has appeared in magazines from Vogue Knitting to Interweave Knits, and she is the author of several books, including the best-selling Knitting Experience series. Visit Sally online at

CADDY MELVILLE LEDBETTER is Sally Melville's only daughter. She currently designs knitwear and teaches knitting classes.

Both women reside in Ottawa, Canada. "

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