Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to crochet a spider web skirt pattern

I shall hook you up with a spider web skirt!
I shared the beginnings of this skirt inspired by some of the designs in Crochet It. Love It. Wear It! . Well it's not quite finished but I wanted to post the pattern as I promised before Halloween. Ya, it's just a few days before but if you are a pretty quick crocheter you could whip this up in time! I only have a few rows to go.

This is really I suppose more of a formula or guide rather than a full-on pattern for a spider web skirt.
1. Chain the length you want your skirt to be (from waist to hem)
2. Chain the width of the bottom space between each "spoke" (the vertical sections) Essentially follow the pattern above (the path the arrows take you)

When the path is on a vertical spoke single crochet to attach.(pink area highlighted on drawing)
Then single crochet the next loop area and attach to the spoke with a single crochet.

I just guessed at the number of stitches based on how it looked.

A few tips:

I worked with the project flat on a table or pillow on my lap.

I used the space from the previous row to make my next row. I would lay the length of chain stitches over the space I was duplicating to see if it was the same size and adjust as needed.

I wasn't going for perfection, this is a costume and a bit of irregularity was A-OK with me.

I am quite sure you could count exact numbers but I am more of a free form crocheter and like enjoying rather than counting.

If you make one leave a comment or link, I would love to see!

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