Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giant Recycled T-shirt Shamrock craft decoration for St. Patrick's Day

I love crafting "green", both eco-friendly and for St. Patrick's Day
I like working in all different scales. I did two fun crafts for St. Patrick's day. One tiny little recycled wool felted sweater shamrock pin and these big shamrock wall decorations out of hangers and t-shirts. Read on for the recycled t-shirt and wire hanger wall St. Patrick's day shamrock. I'll be posting the tutorial soon for the recycled sweater shamrock!

First I went to the old t-shirt stash for some green t-shirts and to the closet for some wire hangers.
To cut the t-shirts into strips I ran them through my Deluxe Rotary Cutter. This made the job so easy and quick. I set the Rotary Cutter to about 2.5 and I got about 5 yards of t-shirt strips from each shirt. I just kept cutting around and around.
I bent 4 hangers each in kind of a "heart" shape.
Then I taped them together with a bit of packing tape and wrapped them with the t-shirt strips. I wrapped with one color to cover the hanger and then with the other color loosely to make a candy can like stripe. The big shamrock took 2 t-shirts to cover. So I had one t-shirt all cut into a strip so I bent one more hanger and made a little shamrock.


Hippie Missy said...

Simple, cute and Eco Friendly!!! Can't beat that, will be making one or two of these to decorate for St. Patricks day. Thank you for the tutorial.

Cyndi L said...

That is too cute!! (And it looks too easy...maybe I could do it in time...)

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

How clever and inexpensive. Thank you for the ideas!

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